Leaders University turns employees into financial champions

A new staff development program at Leaders Credit Union offers a diverse curriculum taught by internal and external experts.

When COVID-19 swept across the United States in 2020, it stalled economies, shut the doors of business, and forced employees to work from home. Never one to be deterred by hardship, Leaders Credit Union($572.3M, Jackson, TN) took the opportunity to double down on employee growth and development.

“Never waste a good crisis,” says CEO Todd Swims. In this case, the credit union created Leaders University, a series of courses developed both internally and by outside experts on topics aimed at developing and engaging employees under a growth mindset.

The classes join Leaders’ innovation lab, generous incentive plans, and an approach to member service that Swims likens to the Chik-Fil-A model in the growing list of inventive initiatives the credit union has launched in the past few years.


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