Leadership alignment benefits both executives and the board

It’s ongoing work that’s so worth it.

A few years ago, we started working with a CEO who had only been in the role for a few years. They wanted to implement a professional development program that would thrust the organization forward, strategically and culturally. It was time to unshackle the organization from its sleepy history.

This metrics-driven CEO liked the comprehensive nature of our Organization Alignment Assessment. The OAA allowed staff and the leadership team to see on an easy-to-understand dashboard the entire staff’s assessment of the infrastructure’s capacity, the culture’s temperature, and the team’s buy-in to the strategic direction. Moreover, it showed how staff felt about the required pace to fulfill that vision.

Historically, the organization’s leaders had focused on enlivening the culture to motivate staff. They thought that injecting fun and positivity was the best means to their business ends. The OAA’s results showed that motivation was not the most pertinent focal point.


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