Leadership lessons from ventilator maker during COVID-19

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, each of our companies have been tasked with meeting unprecedented challenges. We’ve had to make tough decisions, ask more of our employees than we ever have, and continue to provide the products and services our members need from us.

For those that are involved in the health care industry – whether on the front lines directly or in supportive roles – the outlook and mountain of challenges likely seemed insurmountable many times this past year. But you’ve persevered and learned several lessons along the way.

My friend Scott Talan sent me an article on the lessons learned from Chris Kiple, a CEO whose ventilator company – Ventec – partnered with General Motors to increase production and ensure hospitals had the ventilators needed. During their partnership, the companies were producing a ventilator every 7 minutes and Ventec has seen nearly 5,000 percent revenue growth this year.

Here are some of the lessons Kiple shares with other leaders, and my advice to put them into action:


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