Leadership Matters: How we build and break trust

Practice these leadership fundamentals to consistently convey your intentions, competency and reliability.

Although many of us have had to deal at some point with a senior manager who seemed to lack morals, empathy or sincerity, the majority of organizational leaders are not compulsive liars and cheats, out to pull one over on the rest of us. Most leaders are healthy, well-adjusted adults who have invested greatly for the opportunity to contribute to their chosen profession and industry. They are often highly educated, competent and want to do the right thing. They are you. Why, then, does a lack of trust plague so many professional relationships, teams, departments and organizations?

As we work at leadership level, we might notice that we still have these kinds of thoughts:

  • “He is so frustrating to deal with.”
  • “I don’t like her.”
  • “We can’t count on the sales team.”

But what we are really saying is that the person or people involved have not fulfilled some necessary level of trust:


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