Leadership Matters: In times of transition

A skilled leader during mergers and acquisitions can help maintain the focus on the long-term goal while still attending to people.

Successful organizations are derived from strong leadership teams that care about their employees and have the experience needed to influence and shape the organization. During times of transition—which may cause high stress for stakeholders, team members and employees—the right leadership team can help maintain the focus on organizational goals.

During, one of the biggest changes of all—a transition through merger or acquisition—it’s essential that credit union leaders have a clear plan in place and are transparent every step of the way. In the competitive credit union environment, strong transition planning is a key issue for every organization, as it affects business continuity, employee morale and shareholder relationships.

The leadership team has specific objectives and goals for the transition. Proactive planning and clearly articulating the benefits and the timeline for the transition of the credit union gives structure, defines expectations and creates an overall positive impact.


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