Leadership Matters: Next-level skills for front-line leaders

Enhance member experience at the point of first and most frequent connection.

As credit union members’ and consumers’ expectations and options for financial services continue to expand, so must the member experience. How does a credit union further develop member service and experience skills when so many possibilities are presented? In listening to scores of credit union CEOs and senior executives, more than a few themes emerged for enhancing the next level of skills for the member experience. Let’s explore how your credit union can practically enhance the member experience at the point of first, and most often, connection—the front-line leader. These credit union staffers need to be supported so they can:

Be an expert. It’s a given that front-line leaders should know a credit union’s products inside and out. More important, though, is the ability to ask questions, determine potential solutions and make simple recommendations. It’s as down to earth as considering one’s self a consultant to members and helping each member achieve expected results. The expertise delivered to members demonstrates in-depth knowledge of issues and answers, positioning your front line as a trusted resource for members.

Be engaging. While a great deal of the member experience focuses on achieving results, it’s also pleasant to enjoy the human interaction. Communication skills, professionalism, individual focus, a personal touch and body language awareness come into play. The front line is often the only point of personal contact for members; an engaging experience displays respect and appreciation, generating repeat business and long-term loyalty. Every interaction with a member is an opportunity to increase the value he or she expects and deserves from the credit union.


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