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Featuring Katie Stone, CEO & Co-owner and Dave Drouin, President & Co-owner at PixelSpoke

Thank you for tuning in to The CUInsight Network, with your host, Lauren Culp, President & CEO of CUInsight. In The CUInsight Network, we take a deeper dive with the thought leaders who support the credit union community. We discuss issues and challenges facing credit unions and identify best practices to learn and grow together.

My guests on today’s show are Katie Stone, CEO & Co-owner at PixelSpoke, and Dave Drouin President & Co-owner at PixelSpoke. As an empowering B Corp, PixelSpoke promotes a cooperative economy by elevating the digital presence of credit unions. The team prides themselves on being true partners and creating beautiful, easy-to-use, award-winning websites.

During our conversation, Katie and Dave discuss what makes a true collaboration. They talk about PixelSpoke’s core values as they pertain to decision-making and success. Katie and Dave share the value of cooperative principles, specifically, “cooperation among cooperatives” and how credit unions can amplify this competitive advantage within the market. Listen as Katie and Dave talk about elevating vendor relationships into a true partnership.

As we wrap up the episode, Katie and Dave talk about the amazing team at PixelSpoke, DIY projects, and book recommendations, and having fun while traveling. Enjoy my conversation with Katie and Dave!

Connect with Katie:
Katie Stone CEO & Co-owner at PixelSpoke
Katie: LinkedIn
PixelSpoke: LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | X

Connect with Dave:
Dave Drouin President & Co-owner at Pixel Spoke
Dave: LinkedIn

Show notes from this episode:
What an amazing interview with Katie and Dave! Check out all the exceptional work their team is doing over at PixelSpoke here.
Historic event mentioned: Dot-com Bubble
Shout-out: Dave’s grandmother
Shout-out: Dave’s parents
Shout-out: United States Air Force
Shout-out: Top Gun
Shout-out: Tom Cruise
Shout-out: Cameron Madill
Podcast mentioned: The Remarkable Credit Union Podcast
Place mentioned: Madison, Wisconsin
Program mentioned: Development Education (DE) program
Shout-out: Marine Credit Union
Place mentioned: Iowa
Place mentioned: Minnesota
Shout-out: Jim Nussle
Place mentioned: Vancouver, BC
Place mentioned: Las Vegas, NV
Book mentioned: Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson
Book mentioned: My Grandmother’s Hands  by Resmaa Menakem
Book mentioned: Banking on a Human Scale by George Hofheimer

In this episode:
[00:45] – What did Katie Stone and Dave Drouin want to be while growing up?
[02:15] – How did Katie and Dave get involved with PixelSpoke?
[05:00] – Working with a knowledgeable and empathetic team.
[07:26] – Dave talks about creating true partnerships that feel more authentic than vendor transactions.
[09:15] – Katie talks about building proactive collaboration between company partnerships.
[12:12] – What are the core values of PixelSpoke?
[14:38] – Core values help organizations stay on track.
[16:38] – A cooperation among cooperatives.
[18:13] – How can credit unions use the seven cooperative principles?
[19:49] – What’s next for PixelSpoke?
[21:15] – “I’m surrounded by great leaders every day.”
[23:49] – What books are Katie and Dave reading lately?
[26:07] – Thank you Katie and Dave, and thank you for listening!

Lauren Culp

Lauren Culp

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