Learning to be more productive

by: Dan Berger

It’s easy to get distracted by phone calls and emails. You know what I mean. And like me, you also probably know that filling your time with those activities – as necessary as they may be – can keep you from getting important projects moving where they need to go.

Syed Balkhi, an online marketer, gives six tips on how to boost your productivity at work in an Inc.com article. I looked them over and think they’re pretty good suggestions. Here they are, in the order Balkhi suggests implementing them:

  1. Tracking. Track how much time you spend on daily work activities. Once you quantify that, look at how you can better allocate your time.
  2. Planning. Balkhi says he plans his days in 15-minute intervals, so be specific here. Strive to do most of your work when you know you are most productive.
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