Lending trends your credit union needs to know now

In order for a lending program to flourish, you need more than great loan products. Given the current climate, it’s more important than ever to grow your credit union’s lending portfolio. NAFCU’s Virtual Lending Conference, November 1 – 3, will help you navigate the new lending landscape and keep your lending pipeline strong. 

In addition to innovative lending practices, ideas, and strategies, you’ll learn about trends that can help you maximize your portfolio and become a lending rockstar. During the conference you can take advantage of several sessions dedicated just to strengthening your understanding of the most up-to-the second economic, credit, auto and mortgage trends that impact lending.

Some of the sessions include:

  • Key Economic Trends Affection Credit Union Lending

Join the Bowtie Economist, Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D., as he discusses all-new data points about the current and expected health of the economy, including market conditions, the depth and breadth of the current decline in GDP, timing of the recovery, auto lending, home loan activity, inflation, interest rates, the health of labor markets, and more. 

  • The State of the Auto Finance Market

Discover the latest trends within the automotive finance market. You’ll get trend updates on delinquency rates, subprime lending, changing competitive market share, and more to help your credit union prepare for lending success in the coming year.

  • 2022 and Beyond: Insight into the Credit Card Industry

After a year of uncertainty, we’ll explore everything you need to know about the data, trends, and statistics of the credit market. You’ll also learn how your portfolio may be affected.

  • Winning the Modern Mortgage Market

Will mortgage rates rise again? Discuss the effect inflation will have on rates as we close out 2021 and enter 2022. The boom in refinancing is likely to slow but experts predict a continued strong housing market. 

You’ll gain all these takeaways and more at NAFCU’s Virtual Lending Conference. View the agenda and see more sessions built to help your lending pipeline grow. 

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