Lessons learned from a legacy of leadership with guest Nick Wodogaza

I have really been looking forward to today’s conversation for a while! I am so excited to have former “retired” CEO Nick Wodogaza on the show this week to talk all about the awesome responsibility of being a leader and what it entails. Nick shares his journey from “retirement” to a passionate commitment to mentoring the next generation of credit union leaders, and we delve into the unique perspective of a seasoned leader who came back to consult, bringing decades of experience to the evolving landscape of credit unions.

Discover the essence of leadership through Nick’s anecdotes, including his reflections on influential figures from his past and the pivotal role of effective leadership in fostering the growth of a credit union. From navigating challenges in a once-insolvent credit union to embracing technological shifts, Nick provides invaluable insights.

Join me for an enlightening discussion on the responsibility of leaders, the art of guiding individuals to reach their potential, and the vital role of open-mindedness in facing the ever-changing demands of the financial industry.


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