LSCU President/CEO Mike Mercer to step down Dec. 31

Mike Mercer, president/CEO of the League of Southeastern Credit Unions who served as president/CEO of Georgia Credit Union Affiliates for more than 30 years, will retire as of Dec. 31. Mercer took over leadership of LSCU when it merged with the Georgia League in September.

“Credit unions and the Americans they serve would not be in the place they are today without tireless advocates like Mike Mercer. From his leadership through tough legislative battles to his example of how to bring the best of America’s credit unions to places in need across the globe, his goal has always been to champion the needs of credit union members in as many ways as possible,” said Jim Nussle, CUNA president/CEO. “Mike leaves behind an inspiring legacy of service to not-for-profit financial cooperatives that sets an example of what can be accomplished through tireless dedication and belief in making people’s lives better, and CUNA, Leagues and credit unions cannot thank him enough for his service.”

Mercer, a former board chair for CUNA and the American Association of Credit Union Leagues (AACUL), has spent nearly four decades in the credit union system.

He is well-known for championing financial products and services that meet the needs of working-class members such as used vehicle loans for low-credit score borrowers, small value personal loans, and saving programs, mortgages and accounts with few fees and minimum balance requirements.


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