Make employee happiness a priority with these tips

Employee happiness plays an essential role in the workplace. If workers are unsatisfied with their place of employment, it can create several challenges down the road. Learn five tips companies can employ to increase staff happiness.

Why employee happiness matters in the workplace

Employees are the glue that holds a business together. While this is the case for all organizations, it’s especially true for credit unions. Credit union staff work with members daily to assist them, sort out their problems and promote the organization’s services.

If employees are unsatisfied with their place of employment, their quality of service might decline. As a result, they may be less likely to go the extra mile and provide the level of service credit unions are known for. If workers repeatedly deliver poor service quality, members might feel they don’t get the service they require.

Employee satisfaction can go a long way in encouraging employees to provide the best service to credit union members.

5 tips to make employees happier

Because employees are the backbone of what keeps a credit union’s head above water, their satisfaction is paramount. Here are five tips to increase staff happiness in the workplace:

1. Offer benefits that provide employees with value

Employees want to feel their organization supports them effectively. One way to do this is to provide them with a comprehensive benefits package. However, not all companies can afford the best insurance coverage for their staff.

That’s why it is essential to look at the value business packages provide and if it will genuinely benefit staff. In order to shed light on these crucial questions, the best course of action is to ask workers directly. Employers can do this through surveys, conducting interviews or other feedback systems.

This will help them understand what factors matter the most to workers. Perhaps a significant portion are satisfied with the health care packages or don’t use them because they simply don’t need them. If that is the case, then it is better to offer them something they will use. For example, a credit union might offer tuition reimbursement or training to help employees expand their knowledge and advance in their careers.

2. Create a flexible working environment

Another way to foster happiness in the workplace is to create a flexible working environment. When workers feel they have too many tasks or work too long hours, it can create challenges for them in their personal lives.

Thus, employers can play an essential role in helping staff strike a balance between work and their private lives. Credit unions should aim to provide staff with flexible scheduling wherever they can. This can help prevent employees from feeling overworked and overwhelmed in their roles.

3. Offer them opportunities to progress further in their careers

Employees want to know they have a future within the company. If they feel like they have reached as far as they can go or the organization will not provide them with promotions and other incentives, it could cause them to lose motivation.

Lack of advancement opportunities is one of the primary reasons workers quit their jobs. According to a Harris Poll and Yoh survey, 26% of employed US citizens would leave their jobs within a year for a better one. It also states that 11% of workers are unsatisfied with their yearly raises — if they receive one. Therefore, it is vital that organizations provide staff with a clearly defined career path that shows them how they can progress further up the corporate ladder.

4. Emphasize the importance of work-life balance

Ever heard the saying, “Everyone deserves a break once in a while”? Well, it is true. Employers should make it clear they care about their staff’s well-being and emphasize the importance of taking a break.

Success and hard work are not measured by how long someone spends in an office chair but by the results and effort they put into their duties. Credit unions should encourage employees to take their full lunch break and avoid taking on too much overtime.

Considering workers are 12% more productive when happy, creating a workplace that supports a healthy work-life balance is essential.

5. Consideration and recognition

Employers frequently make business decisions without discussing them with employees. Often, these decisions directly impact the staff. This can create a disconnect between a worker and the organization.

It can make them feel their employer does not care about them and they just need to adapt to whatever is decided. Conducting business this way can create several headaches along the way. Instead, credit unions should try to involve staff in decisions, especially if they are directly affected by them.

They can conduct team meetings and allow everyone to speak their mind or implement company surveys. Another issue that makes employees feel disconnected and not valued is when they don’t receive recognition.

This does not need to translate over to a grand gesture. However, a simple pat on the back would serve excellent for a job well done. Employers should make it clear they value the work their staff does for them.

Prioritizing happiness benefits everyone

Ensuring credit union employees are happy benefits all parties involved. It makes staff more productive, helps them deliver quality work and allows them to take pride in what they do. By implementing a few holistic changes, organizations can create a workplace that makes staff feel appreciated and satisfied with their place of employment.

Evelyn Long

Evelyn Long

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