Making of a transformational leader: 5 traits of highly successful CEOs

CEOs serve internally and externally as representatives, motivators and business strategists. Investing in attracting and retaining a transformational CEO will drive the health of your organization. Successful CEOs share five common traits.

Top organizations nationally seek highly effective chief executive officers (CEOs) who do these five things.

1. Challenge the status quo

CEOs are responsible for more than just maintaining the success of an organization — they must be willing to take risks to ensure that their organizations push forward. Great leaders step outside of their comfort zones to take on new challenges. The ability to take calculated risks promotes creative thinking and helps ensure that their organizations don’t lag behind industry standards in the ever-changing market.1

2. Invest in relationships and talent

A CEO is, above all, a leader. People need to view their CEO as both a strategic partner and a person invested in the success of those who work alongside them. CEOs are responsible for a wide array of professionals and should see investment in talent as a critical part of their jobs.


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