Making teamwork thrive

by. Lana J. Chandler

Calling your staff a “team” doesn’t guarantee teamwork. As the leader, you have to lay the groundwork for building a cohesive group of people who are committed to the same purpose and hold themselves mutually accountable for performance goals. To build a team that works together, try these tips::

1. Excel at communication.

Teams need clear and honest communication in order to function well. Furthermore, it’s equally important that you encourage team members to openly communicate with each other. Information is vital to getting things done correctly—and communication is how you relay that information.

2. Set clear expectations.

Clarify the team’s goals and expected outcomes. People need to clearly understand what you and the organization expect in terms of performance.

3. Make sure every team member understands the organization’s purpose.

Each person also needs to understand the team’s role in helping to achieve the organization’s purpose.

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