Power up to transform your career

Are you doing everything you can to grow as a credit union leader?

People with advancement aspirations know that professional development is important. This includes earning or maintaining professional credentials such as academic degrees, taking formal coursework, attending conferences and informal learning opportunities. Industry leaders take the next step – a professional transformation.

There are countless sources of information available at your fingertips, but how do you know you can trust the information you find? How can you tell if the training, information or resources you may uncover truly apply to your role or your credit union’s specific situation?

Keeping up with industry-centric information is one way to stay on top of trends in your area of specialization. Another is to have a network of trusted industry peers. Being able to connect with people who are facing, reacting to and dealing with the major changes in the credit union industry – like branch transformation, digital banking adoption and changing markets – is invaluable. They can tell you what is really happening and share ideas on how you can respond. This dialogue may increase your chances for successful outcomes in situations where transformational thinking makes an impact.

How much easier would your job be if you had a singular, trustworthy source of content from the top minds in the industry and direct connections and networking opportunities with credit union peers who face similar challenges to those you face?

Make a transformational change to your credit union career by plugging into the industry’s go-to source of professional information, advice, resources, research and networking—CUNA Councils.

Explore the many ways you can “Power up with CUNA Councils.”