Making your time count

Time can be wasted or used constructively to effect change, but no matter how you spend it, time is a precious commodity. It races by like a thoroughbred pulling ahead in the home stretch. Yet, despite how fleeting time can seem, I’ve come to realize that it’s simply amazing what can be accomplished in just a few years.

We have adapted to a busy lifestyle by finding ways to do more in less time. We fill up our calendars, enroll our kids in soccer, scouts and karate simultaneously, volunteer for yet another committee and still carve out time to answer emails and hold a conference call while sipping eight-hour-old coffee on the patio. But, this multitasking work ethic has also rewarded us with more time to follow our dreams; to make magical things happen. For me, one of those dreams came true two years ago when I started this crazy project called, The Strategic Hotbox.

My M.O. has always been that once I decide to start something new, there’s no slacking; it’s always full steam ahead. After my book, The Strategic MVP co-authored with Mark Thompson, was released a few years ago, I wanted to keep up the momentum by sharing my stories and message with a broader audience. To flesh out some ideas, my first thought was to reach out to my tribe, my core community of colleagues. Through meaningful discussions with Tobias Kennedy from Montage Insurance Solutions and Jason and Amanda VandeBrake from KindredLA, I realized it made sense to create a podcast, so The Strategic Hotbox was born.

In episode, Hotbox Magic: How to Podcast #053, I delve deeply into how and why I chose to name the podcast The Strategic Hotbox. Every choice we make at the Hotbox, as well as my own life in general, is thoughtful and purposeful. I maintain that intention when scheduling guests, creating episodes and delivering actionable takeaways for listeners. The development of the Hotbox has taught me some invaluable lessons in personal branding, influence and perseverance and my goal is to continue sharing those lessons learned with the world.

Fast forward to today — The Strategic Hotbox has evolved into a platform where others take control of their lives and achieve greatness. We’ve remained true to its purpose of delivering a message through our Learn, Love, Kick Ass™ approach.

One way I continue to spread that message is through public engagement forums. I’ve experienced amazing opportunities while speaking to diverse audiences across the globe, such as the Underground Collision Conference in Washington DC. Just as I challenged those attendees to act on three “Hotbox style” key principles to effect positive change in their lives, so I invite you to the same:

  1. Learn – Learn something new every day. Whether you read an industry article or embark on learning a new skill, make the conscious effort to expand your mind.
  2. Love – Incorporate more love in your life. There is nothing this world needs more of now than love. Reach out, network and connect with the people around you. Credit Unions were created on cooperative principles, create new relationships or rekindle old ones.
  3. Kick Ass – Choose to make a difference in your life every day. You, and only you, can create the change you want to see. Differentiation is defined by execution. Today is the day. Be different. Kick some ass.

Time is not restrictive – it flies as it wills. In the last two years, we’ve produced over 50 episodes with more than 100 guests and shout outs. Yet, from my perception, The Strategic Hotbox is just getting started. There’s always more to learn, more love to share and kicking ass never ends. It’s your right of passage. I invite you to join me on the journey.
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Dr. Brandi Stankovic

Dr. Brandi Stankovic

Dr. Brandi Stankovic is an organizational change expert, motivational speaker, professor, artist and mommy who inspires firms globally with her models of leadership, engagement, and award-winning education. She is the ... Web: Details