Managers who coach drive change

When you make coaching part of your everyday work, you help employees learn and develop, increasing focus, resilience and impact.

Do you remember work in the year 2000? Email was still a blessing, and we hadn’t yet become attached to smartphones. We were connected, but not hyperconnected. We were busy, but not roll-out-of-bed-and-read-your-emails-while-brushing-your-teeth busy.

If my experience working with busy managers around the world has taught me anything, it’s that managers are stretched as thin as can be. They are overwhelmed and overcommitted, and constantly fighting against the clock.

Organizations are now, more than ever, under pressure to be more agile, to make faster decisions and seize opportunities before they pass them by.

What’s the best way to approach this challenge?

How to Get with It—and Fast

These days, companies need to be able to act quickly. And they can try to tackle this in a few ways. Because, at the end of the day, they want their people acting in the fastest, most efficient and effective ways possible, no matter the industry.


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