Maryland credit unions meet with Rep. Mfume

MD|DC Credit Union Association and credit unions meet with Rep. Kweisi Mfume, D-Md. (MDDCUA photo)

MECU Credit Union and the MD|DC Credit Union Association recently held a roundtable discussion with Rep. Kweisi Mfume, D-Md., who represents Maryland’s 7th congressional district.

Following the meeting, Mfume took to social media to emphasize the vital role credit unions play in our communities. He posted, “It was a priority for me to meet and discuss with the MD|DC Credit Union Association at MECU headquarters in downtown Baltimore the importance of keeping credit union open and functioning in our communities. Through diverse leadership in the communities they serve, credit unions continue to contribute to our financial literacy and a strong economy for consumers and businesses alike.”

During the meeting, Rep. Mfume expressed strong support for various credit union issues, such as expanding access to financial education and safeguarding consumers against fraud. He noted that he voted in favor of the Credit Union Board Modernization Act, which was passed in the House earlier this year.

“We want to thank Congressman Mfume for his unwavering support, leadership, and engagement,” said John Bratsakis, president/CEO of the MD|DC Credit Union Association. “Credit unions remain dedicated to meeting the needs of our communities by prioritizing the well-being of people over profits.”


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