Meeting sales goals keeps the lights on … putting members and community first makes that bulb burn brighter

When a member comes in to ask for a personal loan, are you just an order-taker? Or are you taking the time to have a conversation to find what would be best for their personal situation? For the lending team at Ent Credit Union, taking that extra time inside the walls of Ent and in our Colorado communities has led to lasting relationships.

“They come back a year later and say ‘Hey, you helped me with a loan, I’m now looking at a home equity loan,’” so we have that continuous relationship that I think a lot of institutions don’t have,” said Tiffany Boggs. As a Senior Lending Specialist and Team Lead at Colorado’s #1 Credit Union, Boggs and her team are some of the busiest people at Ent.

“Our call center volume is off the charts! Every month we have a new record and the following month we beat that record,” she said. HELOCs are up by 30 percent and it typically takes 3-4 team members to complete a loan. “The lending area, as a whole, is working together to get that member taken care of.”

Her primary job is to produce loans for the company, about $2 million a month just for her, but Boggs frequently serves beyond her job description.

“We sign up for this role as lending specialists and immediately get caught up in the paperwork and dollar signs associated with our members’ loan requests. Ent has been fantastic, especially during COVID…So when we have those slow periods where we can give back to the community, why not?” mused Boggs.

Whether it’s hosting an annual holiday gift drive with young leaders through the local United Way or volunteering at food drives, Boggs makes giving her time a priority.

“We were standing outside freezing and we had cars for hours coming and picking up food. Just seeing those families, often with excited kids in the backseat…it made it all worthwhile. The families were beyond grateful,” said Boggs.

She also applied and was selected to serve on Ent’s Community Advocacy Committee, a group that decides community funding requests.  She hopes her commitment to giving time shows others that it is possible to give back, no matter what your role is at your credit union.

“Ent has done so much for me, so I want to be able to be out there and represent Ent for what they’ve done over the course of 15 years.”

Annie Snead

Annie Snead

Annie Snead is a storyteller for Ent Credit Union’s Internal Communications Department. A former journalist, she uses her love of storytelling to inform her colleagues at Colorado’s #1 ... Web: Details