Member service: all for one and one for all

“Customer service shouldn’t just be a department; it should be the entire company.” Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos 


From shoe sizes to financial requests, the days of siloed ownership for the customer experience are behind us. In the words of the illustrious Three Musketeers, “All for one, and one for all” is the new standard for credit unions when it comes to who’s responsible for addressing member needs. Let’s break that down a bit.

All for One.

No hidden layers of meaning here. This one’s as straightforward as it sounds. We’re talking about all employees, across all functions – from the C-suite to the teller line – able to serve any one individual’s request, regardless of the subject. 

How big of a deal is this? Let’s take a quick walk in our member’s shoes to find out. 

No more transfers, hold times, or being instructed to call a different department. No more wasted lunch hours wearing out those already tired lobby chairs, waiting for the only employee who can help with your particular issue to return from their own lunch break. Sounds like utopia, right?

All employees owning member service as one team is easy to wrap our heads around. How to facilitate that is the real question, which leads me to the second half of the Musketeers rallying cry.

One for All.

We’re all pretty familiar with the universal banker concept by now (if not, come find me after class). Many financial institutions, however, have yet to tap into the power of one platform for all people.

The right CRM for credit unions gives the entire institution one place to go for all information about a member – including personal and family details, account holdings, case history, and more. And that’s really the engine enabling one employee to address all requests. 

Housed within (the right FI-tailored) solution for everyone is one case management system where all employees can initiate and track all requests. Member servicing is elevated and accelerated with the click of a button. When a team member enters one master case, the solution automatically assigns any and all sub-tasks to the appropriate departments and keeps them open until completion.  

How’s that for raising the bar?

Bottom-Line Banking.

Allow me to take a little creative license with the addition of a final line to the credo: All for all.” 

With one CRM solution for all departments, all employees can access all information in one place to address all member needs, at all times. 

That was a bit of a mouthful. Perhaps some numbers will better capture why member service and technology go together like PB and J.

Driving Decisions

Impact of the Right CRM 

  • Capture 100% of information from all systems in Member 360 
  • Eliminate 60% of manual tasks through automation
  • Resolve cases 90% faster – the first time, every time

Wrapping it Up.

I looked up The Three Musketeers’ famous phrase, and its definition gave me the perfect conclusion to wrap this article up nicely with a bow. So, I leave you with this as we continue to explore member service in this year of transformation.

All for one, and one for all. The group will support its members. Its members will support the group. Each person contributes to the whole.

(Fun Fact: The right CRM will not only transform member service, but your entire credit union! Check out stories and videos from the frontlines.)

Contact the author: CRMNEXT

Contact the author: CRMNEXT

Emily Thomson

Emily Thomson

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