Members will turn to their CUs – Here’s how you can come through

Someone recently asked me what the difference is between credit unions and banks. Instead of giving the technical answer, I just said, “Banks have customers, credit unions have members.” During a financial crisis, that difference becomes more apparent than ever.

Members will turn to their credit unions for advice in a way that customers won’t do with their banks. But where do you find that valuable information to help your members overcome the current crisis?

Whether it’s COVID-19, the Great Recession, 9/11, or the dotcom bubble – just to mention a few since the millennium – you have options.

Your content provider

If you have one, your content provider should already be producing valuable content that you can share with your members. Since this is a time when your members are looking to you as a credible source for advice, take advantage and update your website, adding resources and sharing with your members how your credit union can help.


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