Micromanagers: 3 reasons your employees dislike you

What’s better: a manager who hardly pays any attention to an employee’s job performance or one who constantly hovers and critiques to the point of madness? Neither scenario is ideal, but chances are most professionals are strongly against the presence of a micromanager in their work life. For those of you who fear you may have crossed the line from involved boss to a full-fledged micromanager, read on and consider these three reasons why your employees dislike you.

Lack of trust

The more a manager smothers and has their hand in every aspect of the employee’s work, the less likely they will feel their boss genuinely trusts their ability to get their job done, and done well. Part of hiring someone into a valuable position within the company is relinquishing control to them and trusting that they will be successful in their role. Part of being an effective leader is giving your employees room to excel within the organization.

Excessive pressure

As a manager, you may think it’s your job to monitor and keep track of your employees’ every task. In reality, having a hands-off approach to leading is in the best interest of the company. Constantly looking over employees’ shoulders will make them feel uncomfortable and pressured. The resulting stress will result in them being less productive and precise.

Creative control

The key to a successful team is having a diverse group of employees who bring different skill sets to the table. In order for them to thrive in their given roles, they must be given the creative freedom to advance the organization through the implementation of their unique talents. Stifling their creativity will only result in them feeling as though the opportunity for them to bring inspired ideas to the team is nonexistent.

Wendy Moody

Wendy Moody

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