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Better & Bolder - Antonio Neves


End the year with this energizing and engaging event to give us all a chance to reflect, as well as regain our energy and enthusiasm for the new year to come!

The keynote will be followed by an engaging panel discussion with industry experts related to refueling, and two dynamic breakout sessions to dive in even deeper.

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As we move into the year ahead, leading our teams and organizations is harder than ever. Join us as nationally acclaimed keynote speaker India Gary-Martin (a 25-year veteran of financial services and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council) shares ideas and insights on how we can provide effective and intentional leadership that is impactful in these unprecedented times.

The keynote will be followed by an engaging panel discussion with industry experts related to leadership, and two dynamic breakout sessions to dive in even deeper.

Leading in the New Normal


We all know that change is constant. At the same time, leading organizational and industry wide change has never been more challenging. Acclaimed speaker Jenny Blake (who spent 5 years at Google and now helps innovative organizations like Google and Microsoft incorporate the Pivot Method into their global career development and manager training programs) will share her research-backed method and discuss the power of pivoting effectively as we drive our teams and organizations forward with intention.

The keynote will be followed by an engaging panel discussion with industry experts related to change, and two dynamic breakout sessions to dive in even deeper.


In order to lead ourselves and others effectively we must embrace and foster growth.  Join us as we engage in conversation that provides a growth opportunity for all of us!

The keynote will be followed by an engaging panel discussion with industry experts related to growth, and two dynamic breakout sessions to dive in even deeper.

Evolution: Unlocking Strategic Innovation

Event Schedule

1:00pm EST
Keynote: Leading in the New Normal, India Gary-Martin

The competencies for leading through crisis have shifted dramatically over the past year. In a year unlike any other in modern history, leaders were thrust into making decisions about issues for which there was no blueprint. While crisis is not new and there are frameworks to navigate it, the compounded nature of events that occurred and that will continue to occur for the foreseeable future requires an increased focus on agility, ambiguity and adaptive strategy.

1:30pm EST
Panel Discussion: How to Lead with Positive Impact hosted by Randall Smith, featuring Bill Cheney
2:00pm EST
Breakout A: Courageous Leadership, Jill Nowacki

When we allow images of courage to come to mind, we may think of the roaring lion, the valiant warrior, the individual facing down a crowd of adversaries. Truly courageous leadership is often about what happens outside the spotlight, though, and requires more than just bold actions. It requires a commitment to continuously expand personal awareness, incrementally improving one’s own capacity. This session will explore the courage required to be a leader today, identifying immediate actions that anyone can take to contribute to a fully inclusive workplace.

Breakout B: What Happens the Day After?, George Hofheimer

One day, soon, things will go back to some sense of normalcy. Then what? Much as the past 11 months have been an intense leadership test for you, the environment we will find ourselves in the day after normal comes, you will face an even more intense leadership challenge. In this session we will discuss the likely decision points your organization needs to make and associated leadership opportunities for you and your staff. Strategic choices such as business model, delivery channel, staffing, and strategy will be discussed and debated. Let’s get ready for what’s next.

2:30pm EST
Happy Half-Hour (Optional)
1:00pm EDT
Keynote: Pivot: a Four-Stage Framework to Map Next Moves (and Help Others Do the Same), Jenny Blake

Organizations need to embrace change and gain insights on how to change at the organizational level to ensure and sustain organizational relevance and a competitive advantage. During times of upheaval, your team is already more stretched and stressed than usual. Your employees, colleagues, friends and family need you more than ever during a crisis. There is no need to have all the answers. Now is the time to have conversations (and empower managers to do the same) about change, anxiety, uncertainty, and the daily pivots large and small that you are navigating together.

1:30pm EDT
Panel Discussion: Harnessing Change: Challenge & Opportunity hosted by Randall Smith, featuring Tonita Webb
2:00pm EDT
Breakout A: Ready. Set. Evolve!, Bill Gould

To remain relevant in today’s ever-changing financial services marketplace, credit unions know they need to continue to evolve and stay in touch with their environment. During this session, you will learn when to choose a build, buy or partner strategy to achieve your goals – and how to steer your organization in the right direction.

Breakout B: A Focus on Change: Credit Unions and Payments, Matt Good.

Given the industry’s current changing environment, credit unions are learning to navigate the “new normal” landscape. The world of payments specifically is evolving rapidly, with varied and complex impacts on traditional financial services. In today’s session, you’ll learn about payments industry trends and how credit unions can focus on keeping member needs at the center.

2:30pm EDT
Happy Half-Hour (Optional)
1:00pm EDT
Keynote: Evolution: Unlocking Strategic Innovation, Kevin Bethune.

Kevin Bethune will highlight key learnings from his polymath background (across engineering, business and design) and how his recent experiences helped create runways to drive meaningful innovation with Fortune 500 CEOs and Silicon Valley startup founders. As the global market and financial services landscapes change, Kevin will share future implications for credit union CEOs and executives to consider in their growth strategies.

1:30pm EDT
Panel Discussion: hosted by Randall Smith, co-founder CUInsight, featuring April Clobes
2:00pm EDT
Breakout A: 5 Tips to Grow Your Credit Union Membership, Jamie Cosgrove

For credit unions, campaigns to attract new members and engage existing members are often disconnected. But the answer is simple—improve the overall membership experience. With a member-focused customer experience, you’ll find new members and increase engagement and loyalty with your existing member base. Join us as we uncover five ways text messaging can help you grow your membership, improve the current membership experience, and streamline processes for your staff (saving both time and resources). In this session, you’ll learn:
● Why texting is the preferred communication method for members today
● How texting can enhance your existing member experience and increase your efforts to acquire new members
● What actions you can take to implement texting into your member journey.

Breakout B: The 3 Critical Growth Strategies of Top-Performing Credit Unions, John Janclaes

John Janclaes led five-fold growth for Partners Federal Credit Union as president and CEO. With $2.4B in assets, serving the employees of the Disney Companies, Partners is among the top 1% of credit unions. Today, in his role as president of Nymbus CUSO, John is dedicated to partnering with credit unions to break through barriers to growth. In his signature inspirational style, John shares three innovative and critical strategies used by top-performing credit unions to rise above competitors and successfully navigate constant change. He’ll break down the strategies with insights, practical approaches and real-life examples to demonstrate how credit unions of any size can:
– Get comfortable with speed and innovate to make up for lost time
– Use data to deliver hyper-targeted experiences members can’t get anywhere else
– Identify and build the partnerships necessary to achieve success—no matter what lies ahead
John will motivate and inspire action in this can’t-miss session.

2:30pm EDT
Happy Half-Hour (Optional)
1:00pm EST
Keynote: Better and Bolder, Antonio Neves
1:30pm EST
Panel Discussion: hosted by Randall Smith, co-founder CUInsight
2:00pm EST
Breakout Sessions TBA
2:30pm EST
Happy Half-Hour (Optional)

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