Mobile devices: A hacker’s paradise

Mobile devices may not be your first thought when you hear of cyberattacks. However, the somewhat frightening reality is that mobile devices are the perfect recipe for disaster when it comes to being targets. Did you know that 40% of mobile devices are prone to cyberattacks, according to Digital Information World? Shocking, right? It makes you think twice about how you maneuver through your mobile device experience. The general assumption is that mobile devices are secure if the proper security measures are taken, but as you can see from the stat above, that is simply not the case.

Hackers and Mobile Devices

We know that hackers are always looking for new victims. However, the unanswered question remains, why do hackers love mobile devices? Well, below are a few reasons:

  1. Easy Target: It only takes a hacker gaining access to one mobile device to bring down your entire organization. Mobile security is a struggle for most businesses because they do not realize how easy it is for hackers to penetrate a device. As employee mobility has increased drastically over the past year, hackers have more opportunities to seek vulnerable users who are not connected to a secure network, do not have a password, etc.


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