Modernizing the global benefits strategy to help drive organizational success

Refreshing a global benefits strategy by using efficient and effective resources can help drive organizational success.

Every benefits strategy is a work in progress when the goal is to continually improve the value of workforce investments. Global employers, in their efforts to keep their benefit strategies relevant and successful, face the added challenges of balancing meaningful corporate objectives with cultural differences, local regulations and employee expectations.

Regardless of geographic boundaries, the benefits management capabilities of leaders can have an enormous influence on organizational success. What matters most is the depth of their commitment to local cultures while establishing consistent values across a diverse and dispersed workforce — from leadership to the front line.

Employers across the globe may vary by industry, region and workforce demographics, but they share the common need to attract and retain talent, engage employees and promote holistic wellbeing. As digital platforms increasingly foster communication and expectations among all employees, global benefits plan design and related engagement strategies deserve a closer look.


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