National financial literacy month is an opportunity for credit unions

by. Randy Salser

With the financial pitfalls of the Great Recession behind us, and security breaches becoming a common threat, members are more mindful of their personal finances than ever before.  Because credit unions are a reliable and trusted source, they have the unique opportunity to educate their members about financial literacy. For expertise on where credit unions should focus this National Financial Literacy Month, we turn to our Preferred Partners:

Sundeep Kapur, Digital Strategist, Allied Solutions

“We have to guide our members.

Members have financial needs and credit unions need to do to three things—educate, be convenient, and provide. Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of those we serve; we support momentous life decisions including home, life, and auto.

It is not just about selling our members a vehicle and all the add-ons. It is about educating our members on the best way to purchase a vehicle. We need to look for ways to raise the financial awareness of our members, they will reciprocate the relationship.

Security breaches like Target experienced have opened the door to an immense opportunity. Our members are concerned about privacy, about identity, and about their financial security. We need to step it up and educate our members about how to circumvent fraud, and what to do if they have been affected.

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