NCUA Shows Its Hand Again

by Anthony Demangone

NCUA recently held a webinar entitled “Examination 2013: What to Expect.”

If that didn’t get your attention, I’m not sure what will. 

This is the equivalent of Sister Rose De Lima handing our eighth-grade class a cheat sheet before our final exam.

(Actually, that’s probably not true.  Sister Rose would never have given us a cheat sheet.  If she were alive today and next to me, she’d likely smack the back of my head for thinking such a thing. She was tough.  And man, could she teach.  If you asked her to watch your dog, that poodle would be doing long division by the end of the day.)

OK, where was I…oh, yes.  NCUA tipped its hand.  If you didn’t see the presentation, these two slides tell much of the story.

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