New Year’s resolution: Help members live life fully

USAlliance Financial embraces a new motto and finds small ways to make a big difference in the lives of members.

It’s been approximately one year since USAlliance Financial Federal Credit Union($1.6B, Rye, NY) began using the tagline, “Live Life Fully.”

Beyond a simple branding exercise, the new motto has real-life implications as the credit union refreshes its product suite to lead with the most financially healthy options. Here, CEO Kris VanBeek shares the thinking behind “Live Life Fully,” member reaction to it, and how it’s making a difference in everything from new hire orientation to marketing communications.

What’s the idea behind the “Live Life Fully” tagline?

Kris VanBeek: It was a natural evolution from our former tagline, “Pursue Happiness.” We had good traction with that, but the idea of pursuing happiness might or might not be good in the long run. For example, I might feel happy in the short term eating a lot of chocolate but develop health problems in the long term.


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