NextGen Know-How: Are you a modern leader?

Transforming from a command-and-control-style manager to an engaging coach and mentor is key to your employees’—and your own—success.

Forty years ago, there was little talk in business about engaging employees, coaching and developing direct reports or cultivating the company culture. People stayed at the same organization for most or all of their careers. Traditional managers, who were task-oriented and provided a lot of direction but very little inspiration, were tolerated dutifully. The command and control style of leadership prevailed.

The landscape of the work environment has since changed. Employees have more choices and will leave an organization where they don’t feel valued or appreciated. Traditional leaders won’t survive in the best organizations; there is only room for modern leaders.

We all have heard horror stories of ineffective, bad bosses. But in my experience, most  traditional leaders are not narcissistic and power-hungry. They are mediocre managers (and executives) who lack the necessary leadership skills to be successful. They aren’t naturally inclusive, approachable and engaging, and their leadership style reflects that.

To succeed in leadership today, managers need to be modern leaders. A modern leader is approachable, engaging and focused. A modern leader promotes an environment of productivity and positivity. A modern leader has emotional intelligence and understands the importance of cultivating relationships in the workplace. Culture is created by the people in the organization—if you want to elevate your culture, you need to elevate your leadership.


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