NextGen Know-How: Demonstrate gratitude to your employees

Try these six strategies to show your staff how they are appreciated and important.

The pandemic has impacted people in various ways over the past 18 months, and researchers are reporting that many employees are feeling exhausted, burned out and stressed. Gallup has found in their research that employee wellbeing and engagement at work tend to have a reciprocal effect, although in the beginning of the pandemic, engagement levels stayed steady as employees worked hard to shift how they worked.

Yet 18 months into this major change, many people are reporting a lack of motivation and joy. Adam Grant’s recent article for the New York Times on languishing—a sense of stagnation and emptiness—encapsulates what many people are feeling this year. Grant further describes languishing as muddling through your days feeling like you are in a fog. The emotional, physical and mental toll of the pandemic has negatively impacted wellbeing for many employees. Most employees also report a lack of appreciation at work, which exacerbates their disengagement and decreases productivity.

Gallup reports that lack of appreciation is one of the most common reasons employees leave an organization. High performing organizations have managers who take an interest in employees through regular feedback, appreciation, development and growth. While it’s important to consistently recognize employees throughout the year, now is a great time to ensure you are showing gratitude and appreciation to your employees when some may be languishing, exhausted or stressed.

Here are six strategies for showing gratitude:


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