NextGen Know-How: Why your employee experience matters now more than ever

Plus four considerations for elevating onboarding and the ongoing work experience at your credit union

by Laurie Maddalena, MBA, CSP, CPCC, CU Management

As some organizations start bringing employees back to the office, many are finding that not all team members are excited to be transitioning back to an office environment full time. Although many employees struggled over the past year to balance work with children learning at home, they also experienced some benefits from a more flexible work environment and no commuting. Employees have gotten used to focusing on results rather than hours worked and have adapted their lives to working from home.

You’ve probably heard of “The Great Resignation”—a record amount of employees are quitting their jobs. Four million employees quit their jobs in April, and another 3.9 million quit in June. Employees are looking for better opportunities, citing better pay and more flexibility as the top two reasons for quitting. Over half of employees, say they, will look for a new job over the next year.

Organizations are struggling to find great talent, and several companies that employ frontline staff like Dunkin’ Donuts and Subway are cutting hours or closing dining rooms due to lack of staff. Many credit unions I work with are struggling to find candidates to even interview for job openings. Employees have more choices, and they aren’t settling for a job just to collect a paycheck.


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