NextGen Know-How: Your employees need active leadership

Don’t lose track of your key responsibilities as a leader, especially maintaining connection as your team works remotely.

Leading virtually has its challenges, and it requires leaders to adjust how they assign work and interact with their employees. Your employees may feel challenged as well, since not only do they need to learn how to work differently, but they may have other stresses impacting their work, like having children at home during work hours due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just because you don’t see most of your employees on a daily basis right now doesn’t mean they don’t need leadership. The same leadership principles you apply during “normal” times are still important today—it just takes more energy and effort in a virtual environment. As a leader, you don’t have the benefit of the daily interactions like passing a colleague in the hallway or chatting before a meeting to create connections. It will require more organization, planning, effort and energy to create and maintain connection with your team.

It’s important to be an active leader, not a passive leader, no matter where your employees are working. That means continuing to give and participate in:

  • feedback,
  • check-ins,
  • team meetings,


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