Niche skills and scalable solutions: Addressing the talent gap

The “Great Resignation” may be over, but the talent gap in the credit union industry persists. While there may be a larger pool of applicants, finding the right fit with the specific skills and experience your credit union needs remains a challenge. Traditional hiring can be time-consuming and expensive, especially for niche tech positions.

The niche skills challenge: Cost-effective solutions

Recruiting top tech talent often requires offering competitive salaries and benefits, which can strain credit union budgets. Here’s where specialized talent services providers come in. These providers offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional hiring by:

  • Pre-vetted talent pool: They have already identified and vetted experienced credit union tech experts, saving you valuable time and resources on recruiting and screening.
  • Faster project completion: Partnering with a provider allows you to quickly access talent with the specific skills needed to complete your projects, keeping your credit union nimble and adaptable.
  • Reduced costs: Hiring through a provider can significantly lower your expenses compared to a full-time employee’s salary and benefits. Savings can range from 40%-50% for offshore talent and remain lower than full-time costs even for onshore options.

Beyond cost savings: Scalability and expertise

The benefits of partnering with a specialized talent services provider extend beyond cost-efficiency. Here’s how they can further empower your credit union:

  • Scalability: These providers offer a range of talent with varying skill levels and expertise. This allows you to scale your workforce up or down based on project needs, eliminating the burden of managing a full-time staff for fluctuating workloads.
  • Credit union-specific expertise: The talent pool within these providers understands the unique challenges and needs of credit unions. Their experience translates to faster project completion, customized solutions, and a deeper understanding of how to meet member expectations.

However, care must be taken in choosing the right provider to ensure they are equipped to handle potential communication challenges, timely project delivery or hurdles in integrating resources into your credit union teams and culture.

Conclusion: Optimizing your talent strategy

Specialized talent services providers offer a strategic solution to address the talent gap in today’s credit union landscape. By leveraging their expertise and talent pool, credit unions can achieve greater cost-efficiency, project completion speed, and member satisfaction.


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Asha Connors

Asha Connors

Asha Connors is the Chief Services Officer at Trellance and heads up the Talent business unit providing specialized technology solutions to credit unions through consulting, professional services, and staff augmentation. ... Web: Details