Now we’ve hit the big time!

Wow! Is about all I can say. Did you see the Forbes Magzaine ran an article titled “Homebuyers Finding A Home At Credit Unions” yesterday? I think we’ve hit the big time because it is significant for a major media finance publication to reflect on Credit Unions. It’s shows we’ve gone from being a bit player in the mortgage market to a group that should be noticed. Some industry data suggests that Credit Unions as a whole are only over-shadowed in new origination market share by Wells Fargo. So take a few minutes and read the article here….or just read on……

The article talked about how home buying activity in America was still somewhat struggling, but went on top say “Nevertheless, whether it’s through specific first-time homebuyer campaigns like some institutions have launched or just from the increased demand among consumers in their specific markets, the credit unions…..process a large volume of mortgages.”

The article highlighted some Credit Union efforts:

  • BECU,who has hired additional staff to support growing demand and embarked on a large mass media campaign;
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