On-Site: CUNA Community Credit Union & Growth Conference Recap

By: Bo McDonald, President Your Marketing Co.

The speakers may have been diverse at the CUNA Community Credit Union & Growth Conference, but their message was the same. In every presentation, the need was pointed out for credit unions to change their way of thinking.

Dr. Kevin Frieberg, author of BOOM!, opened the conference by pointing out that there are several thousand credit unions across the country quoting rates and fees, but only a handful can tell members and potential members what really makes their credit union “unforgettable.” Frieberg suggested that the experience your members have with your credit union is what sets you apart from the pack. He cited such examples as Southwest Air and Starbucks.

Likewise, Matt Tebbetts from Greenville Federal Credit Union shared its “Member Experience Standards” program. The program lays the groundwork for the credit union to provide a consistently positive member experience, including employee attitudes, attire and workplace atmosphere.

Aside from providing a unique member experience, a fresh lineup of useful products for members is a great way to set your credit union apart. Both Scott Butterfield from Credit Union Strategic Planning and Steve Williams from Cornerstone Advisers shared some ideas on products. Although these products are not new to the market, they haven’t been utilized by credit unions. Some examples provided by both presenters included micro-business loans for small business and payday lending alternatives. Both have been successfully implemented by several credit unions across the country already, including Brewery Credit Union in Wisconsin.

To sum up the CUNA Community Credit Union & Growth Conference in a statement, credit unions that want to survive need to understand that “what got us here today, is not what is going to get us there tomorrow.” The needs and wants of your members will change. Get ready to follow.

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Bo McDonald

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