One thing you can do today to better your brand

What did you want to be when you grew up? Seems like an odd way to kick-off a presentation.  But that’s how I started several conference speeches last year.  I find it a good way to highlight one of the most important points of marketing: everyone and everything has a story.

Your brand started somewhere as a dream.  It may have been years or even decades ago with just one person or a small group.  Build on that base. The years leading up to your success today are your story worthy of sharing. So many of your competitors are busy spewing out bullet points about what they can do for potential customers. If you’re only talking about products and services, or even just how great your rates are you haven’t even scratched the surface.  Why not try a different approach? Share your tale.

You see it’s something that no one else can claim. The other financial institutions in your neighborhood can copy your products, services, and rates. No one can copy your story. It’s uniquely yours, and a valuable asset to your marketing message.

Why should you consider it to be so valuable? Because it began as most stories do—with a message.  The purpose: to fill a need and help someone. Study after study shows that people relate more to brands with a mission as opposed to stuffy businesses. Dig into your archives and start crafting your story. Find interesting ways to share it, and be real with your loyal fans.