Onsite: Pursuing excellence at NJCUL CURealityCheck

by Jordan Rumsey, CUInsight.com

Martial arts instructor Jim Bouchard kicked off NJCUL‘s CURealityCheck with a brief but interactive introduction to the world of martial arts. The speaker and author of “Think Like a Black Belt” and “The Sensei Leader,” then asked the audience, “What is the biggest barrier to growth and success at your credit union?”

Answers included challenges with lending, compliance, or leadership gaps. While these are all valid obstacles that many financial institutions face, Bouchard, instead focused on making sure that these credit union leaders were encouraging and developing leaders who don’t let tradition limit their decisions but rather guide them. “We’ve always done it that way” is not the attitude to have if your credit union wants to survive.

There is always someone to learn from. There are always new ideas to share. As Robert Stevenson pointed out, “Complacency kills.”

It only takes one great idea to make a change so it is important to encourage a collaborative and creative work environment. When is the last time you asked your team, “What’s the stupidest thing we are doing around here?”

Maybe it’s time to do that then listen, evaluate, and take action.

43% of employees quit their jobs willingly because they do not feel appreciated. How many of those employees could be working for you? What can you do to change that for the better?

“Transformation is not always about location but member service as well.”

Your employees are the ones interacting regularly with members, providing service in person or through digital channels. They are the people that members associate with your credit union’s brand and you are the one responsible for making your credit union better through your employees.

Remember: “Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.”

Jordan Rumsey

Jordan Rumsey

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