Open Accounts Anywhere: Roving Bankers Armed With iPads

A new turnkey solution untethers sales staff from their desks so they can open accounts anywhere, entirely on a tablet device. The technology has the potential to totally transform the customer experience and completely reshape financial institutions’ approach to branch design.

A company called Zenmonics has created a tablet tool that makes sales, marketing, transaction and account information easily accessible through a single, secure interface.

Dubbed “mobileBanker,” the solution frees bank personnel from their workstations, allowing them to essentially perform all the services they would in a pod-style setting from virtually anywhere — inside the branch… or out.

Zenmonics mobileBanker presents a full array of sales, marketing, transaction and account services information, enabling branch staff to work side by side with a client or prospect. Using a tablet equipped with a card reader, associates can quickly swipe a bank card or credit card to identify a customer and to pull up a profile, account information, statement and more. Both customer accounts and bank data can be accessed fluidly without having to toggle between various systems and applications.

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