Opportunities in chaos

First off, I want to thank everyone who attended Engage 2023: NAFCU’s Annual Conference. It was fantastic to be back in-person and able to talk, collaborate, and strategize with so many people.

In my opening remarks at the conference, I described the current environment we’re operating and living in as “chaos.” With so many issues – like economic headwinds, liquidity concerns, and bank failures – it’s easy to get lost in the chaos. However, the chaotic environment we are in provides opportunities. And for credit unions, you were built for these situations. The industry remains committed to safety and soundness while providing members with critical financial services, no matter the circumstances.

But often, when we’re clouded by an uncertain fog, we fail to look ahead. The reality is that many of the changes we’ve experienced will have lasting impacts. While we will weather the economic storms, other things – like the increase in remote work and digital innovation – will be around for a long time. Here’s two points I want to add on to the remarks I made about chaos and opportunities:

1. The opportunities we capitalize on today will make us better tomorrow.


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