Pandemic can’t stop Pride

LGBTQ message resonates despite COVID-19 restrictions.

Restrictions around the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic have changed how groups gather and celebrate, and Pride Month is no exception.

Alternatives Federal Credit Union in Ithaca, N.Y., is focusing on community partnerships that make the LGBTQ community more financially and socially secure.

“This year is so different on a lot of levels,” says Chris Cain, chief experience officer at the $115 million asset credit union. “We’re focusing on collaboration within the community.”

Through those partnerships, Alternatives Federal is hosting a series of workshops and virtual webinars about its TransAction Financial Empowerment Program.

The program provides access to funds to support gender affirmation, such as hormone therapy, vocal coaching, new wardrobes, legal documentation updates, and surgeries/procedures without the risks of high-interest credit or predatory lenders.


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