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Year-end financial checklist: 9 personal finance tips for 2022

As the year wraps up, it’s natural to think about your goals — professionally, personally, and financially. It’s something that you and your household will want to assess and talk about openly and honestly. [...]

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Social Security: Answers to two basic questions

People approaching retirement usually have two questions about Social Security: “Will it be there for me?,” and “When should I start taking Social Security benefits?” Social Security: Will it be there? Social Security’s long-term [...]

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What you should know about the replacement ratio

Some retirees approach a retirement strategy with precision. They know exactly how much income they will need. For the rest of us, using a “replacement ratio” is a good approach to estimating retirement income. This [...]

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How to pay your bills when you can’t work

Life is unpredictable. One moment you’re healthy and active, and the next moment an accident or illness strikes unexpectedly and you’re not — a reality many people have recently experienced firsthand during the COVID-19 [...]

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Tips to take care of yourself holistically

Anxiety and uncertainty can cause you stress and should be addressed. But it’s not something to leave for another day. If you start taking the needed steps now, you’ll soon realize you have [...]

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Securian Financial reports strong 2019

Securian Financial announced preliminary 2019 financial results at its annual all-company meeting last week, highlighted by strong revenue growth and increased community giving. “In 2019, we delivered excellent operating performance consistent with our 140-year history [...]

Securian Financial proclaimed a Beyond the Yellow Ribbon company

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, leaders of the Minnesota National Guard, Securian Financial service members and veterans, and other distinguished guests celebrated Securian Financial’s official proclamation as a Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Company at a [...]