Hack #1: Know where your tech investment money goes

Play smarter, not harder: 5 small credit union biz hacks

Life hacks. They pop up on your social media feed all the time. Hammer time? Use a clothespin to hold the nail. Crazy cords? Organize them with a repurposed paper towel roll. They’re smart strategies to manage daily activities in a more efficient way. For a small credit union, some of the best efficiency-driven life hacks – or biz hacks, if you will – are technology driven. They’re simple tips to play smarter and gain an edge against your bigger competition. We have five favorites. Here’s number one.

Financial tips are popular. Pack your lunch instead of eating out. Smart move. For small credit unions, the smart move is finding creative ways to use current software solutions – and to shut down the applications that don’t make sense. Efficiency comes from more effective use of the technology you already have.

As a small credit union, you likely already embrace the hack lifestyle, because you work with what you’ve got, improvising solutions to everyday challenges. As long as you play smart, you’ll dominate the competition.