PODCAST: Considering new interest rate risk strategies

Moody’s Analytics provides insight on accounting rule changes.

As interest rates  rise, credit unions must look for strategies to protect margins and valuations on their loans and investments. A new update to Financial Accounting Standards Board  accounting rules may provide options to use hedge accounting.

In this episode of the CUNA News Podcast, sponsored by Moody’s Analytics, Scott Dietz, industry practice lead in Moody’s  risk solutions practice, will break down how new accounting rules  provide opportunities for  a multilayered approach to hedging interest rate risk.

Investing in derivatives for hedge accounting purposes has often been considered too complex or risky for many credit unions  and regulators. But Dietz says  this focused, multilayered approach does not require complex or new derivative types, making the strategy worth serious consideration.

What’s more, the current expected credit loss  processes credit unions have  incorporated into their accounting practices over the past few years can work to their benefit as they consider using this strategy.


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