PODCAST: Go slow as a new leader

‘Slow down, develop your culture, and then move forward with your people.’

If you want to drive change at your credit union, think culture first and strategy second.

That’s one lesson Nicholas Mathiowetz has learned since becoming CEO four years ago at NorthRidge Community Credit Union in Hoyt Lakes, Minn.

“When I came in as CEO, we put a strategy together. But that changed quickly when we realized we weren’t who we wanted to be and that we needed to look at our internal culture,” Mathiowetz says. “You can have a great idea and a great structure, but if you don’t have the culture to make it happen, it’s all for naught.”

Being a new CEO is a constant learning experience, he says. “Anyone who walks into this for the first time and thinks they’re prepared will be quickly surprised. It took me about an hour to realize there was a lot more to do than I’d originally thought. Every day is different.”

One thing he wish he’d done as a new CEO: Slow down.


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