Podcast: #MobilePayment developments financial institutions shouldn’t ignore

by. Brian Day

On a recent TMG Podcast, I had the opportunity to share some insights into mobile payments. Specifically, the podcast focused on recent developments in mobile payments and what consumers are looking for from their financial institutions (FIs) in the mobile payments arena.

In the episode, I chatted with TMG’s Marketing VP Georgann Smith about the potential impact of the changing payments landscape and how FIs can make the most informed decisions about their payments strategy moving forward.

I walked through the three main categories of mobile payment technology, pointed out the major players working their way into this developing payment space and advised FIs on how to develop effective strategies for successfully competing in the world of mobile payments. Georgann and I also discussed some behind-the-scenes technology within the mobile payments space to which FIs should pay particularly close attention, especially host card emulation (or HCE).

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