PODCAST: Super Bowl-caliber commitment with Gian Paul Gonzalez

A credit union loan changed the GAC keynoter's life, and now he inspires NFL champions and elite organizations.

The homicide occurred right in front of Gian Paul Gonzalez’s house.

It was the last straw for his parents, both youth pastors, who decided they needed to take their teenage son out of the crumbling environment around them in Union City, N.J.

Their first attempt at buying a home in a nearby city didn’t go well. A local bank declined their loan application, citing their family income. But a credit union came through for them.

“It was a credit union that didn’t just see my mom and dad as numbers, but chose to say, ‘You know what? You’re making a difference in this community, and we honor that, and we want to help you work through that,’” Gonzalez tells CUNA News Podcast.

“Without them, I don’t know what would have happened, to be honest, because it was getting difficult and there’s a lot of gang involvement where we were staying,” he continues. “Who’s to say I might not have been sucked up in all that?”


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