CUInsight announces full 2021 Mini-Con™ series: Virtual events designed for credit union leaders

GREENVILLE, SC (December 30, 2020)CUInsight is introducing your newest virtual source of brainfood and community: the 2021 Mini-Con Series, miniature conferences with a big impact designed for leaders in the credit union community. 

The series features four virtual sessions throughout 2021, each with a different theme: LEAD, CHANGE, GROW, and REFUEL. Every two-hour Mini-Con includes a keynote from a nationally acclaimed speaker, an interactive panel discussion featuring industry leaders, two dynamic breakout sessions to dive deeper, and an optional happy half-hour.

“It’s so critical as leaders to step away from our everyday tasks and make time to think big. And yet, it feels for many of us as if we’ve never been busier, whether we’re working from home, from the office, or some combination of the two,” says Lauren Culp, CUInsight’s Publisher & CEO. “Our team designed this virtual event series with today’s credit union leader in mind. Each micro conference packs a punch with thought leadership and human connection, and does so virtually in less than two hours.”

Attendees will join hundreds of their peers in the credit union community and walk away from this digital event series inspired as leaders and empowered with the tools and strategies for their credit unions to win big throughout the year.

Register here to attend individual events or the full series. Organizations receive a discount for multiple attendees. Log-in details provided upon registration.

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Lauren Culp
Publisher & CEO

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