Doxim Introduces integrated closed-loop campaign management on its customer engagement platform

Expanded capability enables customers to manage end to-end email campaigns from within Doxim Customer Relationship Management

TORONTO, ON (January 31, 2017) — Doxim (, a leading provider of customer engagement software for financial service organizations, announces integration of Doxim eMail Marketing with Doxim Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Doxim CRM is an integrated component of the Doxim Customer Engagement Platform (CEP).

With this new release of Doxim CRM, users can quickly and easily create and execute email campaigns, with multiple customer communications, broadcast at specified times, that support lead generation and lead nurturing programs. These email broadcasts are triggered from Doxim CRM, with customer channel preferences fully respected and optimized. This greatly enhances email campaign execution as compared to using standalone third party email tools that are unable to provide data and information exchange with Doxim CRM.

Once a campaign is dispatched, Doxim’s integrated email marketing provides tracking and reporting on all interactions with email recipients, including opens, click, forwards, replies, bounces and unsubscribes. This allows marketing staff to identify ’hot’ leads for prompt follow-up. These recipient interactions are also propagated to the campaign contact record in Doxim CRM so that front line sales staff is aware of them when carrying out follow-up activities.

“Most financial service marketers are extremely busy, so anything that helps them work more efficiently and more effectively is welcome,” said Nicole Sturgill, principal executive advisor at CEB TowerGroup. “Integrating comprehensive email marketing capabilities right into a CRM platform helps them execute customer outreach campaigns smarter and faster.”

With this release, Doxim is also integrating Doxim eBrochures into Doxim CRM so that eBrochure functionality can now be accessed directly via the Doxim CRM user interface. This allows customer service representatives (CSRs) and other CRM users to quickly and easily send product and service brochures to clients, without having to leave the CRM application. Doxim eBrochures also provides tracking and reporting on recipient interactions, allowing CSRs to see who opened, clicked or forwarded emailed content, so they know which customers are the best candidates for subsequent follow-up.

“We built our Customer Engagement Platform specifically for banks and credit unions, and we spend a lot of time talking to our clients about new capabilities they want to see,” said Chris Rasmussen President & CEO. “By integrating Doxim eMail Marketing and Doxim eBrochures into Doxim CRM, we are responding to their need for a single customer engagement platform that offers integrated tools to manage one to one and one to many email programs and campaigns.”

Coupled with Doxim Business Analytics, this latest evolution of Doxim CRM provides banks and credit unions with the most comprehensive customer engagement platform available today for organizations that need smart email campaign development, execution and follow-up.
Doxim CRM with integrated Email Marketing and integrated eBrochures will be available for delivery from February 1, 2017.
Banks and credit unions that want to take a look at how this latest release of Doxim CRM can help streamline their own marketing activities should book a free personal demo today.

About Doxim

Doxim is a leading provider of SaaS-based customer engagement software for credit unions, community banks and wealth management firms. Doxim’s Customer Engagement Platform helps financial institutions transform their client experience, communicate more effectively throughout the client lifecycle and improve cross sell and upsell activities that drive increased wallet share. The platform addresses key digitization challenges, from automated client onboarding, through improved, personalized communications to anytime, anywhere content access, tailored to a clients’ channel preferences. This eliminates costly traditional paper-based, manual processes and enables cost-effective provision of an omni-channel experience that delights customers and improves their long-term loyalty. Find out more at


Sean O’Donovan,
Chief Marketing Officer

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