MOCA Financial enhances its digital-first nextgen card-based payment platform with Atomic’s automated direct deposit acquisition solution

MOCA clients can now provide a seamless, easy method for their customers to switch their payroll direct deposits to their client-branded MOCA accounts and get paid up to 2 days early -

Today more than ever, a financial institution’s ability to capture a payroll direct deposit is directly correlated with an account’s profitability. Payroll direct deposits typically ensure the bulk of the customer’s debit card spend and the interchange revenue that goes with it. That is why MOCA is focused on helping its clients attract and retain payroll direct deposits. 

 Atomic digitizes payroll connectivity, turning an inefficient, highly fragmented manual process of setting up a direct deposit into a friction-free everyday experience. Atomic’s seamless solution along with MOCA’s PromptPayTM that allows a customer to get paid up to 2 days early, gives MOCA’s clients a significant advantage in attracting and retaining payroll direct deposits.  

  “MOCA constantly looks for ways to give our client’s a competitive edge. Our NextGen Card-Based Payment Platform provides advanced features and functionality that help our clients become the transaction account of choice,” said John Burns, CEO of MOCA. “It makes sense that we would partner with Atomic to enable our clients to capture more payroll direct deposits, more debit card transactions, and more of the accompanying interchange revenue.”  

  “Atomic’s payroll connectivity is creating the next-generation of bank accounts that help financial institutions accelerate the path to account profitability. Atomic’s customers have seen as much as a 75% lift on direct deposit acquisition when benchmarked to other solutions,” said Lindsay Davis, Head of Markets at Atomic. “We look forward to partnering with MOCA to help financial institutions deliver the digital-first experience their customers expect.” 

  Given how critical it is for financial institutions to capture payroll direct deposits, MOCA expects demand for this new feature to be strong. “Combining our PromptPay feature that allows a customer to get paid up to 2 days early with Atomic’s solution for digital direct deposit acquisition represents another win for our clients,” added Burns. 


About Atomic 

Atomic is the market leading provider of payroll connectivity, trusted by more than 40 financial institutions, fintech and technology firms, including 12 of the largest consumer finance apps. Atomic’s payroll integrations provide the infrastructure to connect consumers to their financial data, automate setting up and updating direct deposits, and tax withholdings 

 Atomic simplifies complicated payroll integrations with a single API that covers over 450 unique payroll connections, including incumbent payroll providers, bespoke enterprise solutions, modern HR tech providers, gig-economy platforms and government systems, Atomic’s payroll APIs cover 75% of the U.S. workforce with a combined reach of 125 million workers.  Atomic has raised $38.6 million from investors, including Core Innovation Capital, Portage, and Greylock. 

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