Momentum Announces a New Home in Downtown Seattle

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“We wanted our space to demonstrate our expertise in helping our financial clients plan, design and build contemporary, collaborative and efficient retail branches and headquarters facilities. Each detail of our new workplace emerged from our proprietary “Deep Dive” process, which reflects our staff culture, brand and business strategies.“ says Jim Haack, CEO.

Momentum’s new corporate office is located near the world famous Pike Place Market, an area of Seattle known for it’s high-energy, diversity and creativity. The location was selected based on the ease of commute for our staff and their access to amenities such as dining, shopping, entertainment and sports venues. Equally as important was providing access for our clients, in terms of lodging and the unique experience that Seattle offers to visitors.

The workplace features high-speed media capabilities for remote collaboration, team-oriented systems furniture and interior finishes which highlight the regional design elements. All materials and building systems were specified with sustainability and energy efficiency being key factors, and access to natural daylight is evident throughout the space.

“At the end of the day, our primary differentiation from other firms in the industry, and our prime reason for success is our ability to share our client’s vision, and implement their plans. Our space was designed specifically for them and has supercharged our team for years to come. ” said Haack.
About Momentum
With offices in Seattle and Pittsburgh, Momentum helps financial institutions plan, design and deliver facilities using a unique open format managed construction process that maximizes and celebrates local resources with the added benefit of national expertise and client advocacy. For more information contact Michael Downs at or 206-267-1900.

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